Saturday, March 29, 2008

Exhausted, Worried, but Very Hopeful

Orion's been kept sedated for two days now and still doesn't have his breathing tube out. We are exhausted yet feel like we have done nothing to be exhausted. Maybe it's becuase we got more than 2 hours of sleep the last two nights and our bodies said, "hey i like that! give me more... you are now exhausted!" It was strange, it was so easy to stay awake before, probably because we got to take care or lil'O and play with him. There is a definite void without his smiling, laughing, crying, or saying, "da da da dadada dada."

We were getting worried yesterday because his RA pressure slowly climbed to 18 and his LA was around 13, and they remain high. The Drs seem to believe this gradual pressure increase is due to the fact that he is retaining a lot more fluids than he did post-op. The excess fluid is due to the fact that he has had multiple blood transfusions to keep different blood counts stable. He also came out of the O.R. with a pacemaker. His RA was beating slightly slower than the RV because of the repairs made to the tricuspid valve. His body seemed to have compensated and readjusted and his heart is now in rhythm on its own. The drs are keeping the pacemaker on him just in case his heart rate dropped below 90 which it hasn't in the last 24 hours.

Other than that his levels look fine, his breathing rate is stable and he's actually breathing over the ventilator. He seems to have some deposits on the bottom of his lung that have increased overnight. They are currently trying to break it up by making his right lung breathe hard, and beating his right chest with a special little cup and, suctioning out what they can get.

Everyone does seem to be very happy with his state though. There are a few unknowns, (unknowns really bother me), but if his lung seems to get better with a few hours of trying to break up the deposits, then they will take his breathing tube out (a surgical recovery milestone).

On a lighter note thanks to Michael for stopping by and bringing us chocolates,a magazine, and great company. If you guys are in the area, stop by - we could use the company. Also Semone, Stephen and Ed (my siblings) are supposed to drive up today... yeah! We love this hospital so much we were going to buy some Stanford gear, can you imagine that, us two with matching sweaters and hats?! That might be a little overboard. ttyl -Bo


Anonymous said...

sounds like you guys are hanging in there okay - i know that anxious feeling doesn't go away until the tubes (ESPECIALLY the ventilator) come out... so hopefully tawny's stomach will get a break soon! we'll be praying for little O to recover strong...

thanks for the updates....

hang in there -
the mannings

Anonymous said...

You are in our thoughts and prayers! We wish Orion a speedy recovery, so that you can all go home and have a much deserved and needed "family nap!"

Happy, Healthy, Heart vibes from,
Ana Adame & family
.... Sonia's sister-in-law