Sunday, March 30, 2008

today was a long, rough, emotional day

orion was doing pretty good yesterday and last night. they started weaning him off the meds so they can finally take out the breathing tube in the morning. well, this morning he started to have mild seizures. they were slight uncontrollable movements of his left arm and both his legs and feet. doctors gave him anti-seizure meds until they stopped, and he hasn't had any more since. they did a head ultrasound, and there was no sign of bleeding. they also checked his head for any swelling, which they found none. relieving news. doctors say they seizures are most likely from all the medication he is on since it has never happened at home or in the past.

on the inside, bo and i were dying. bo is definitely stronger than i am, and i nearly fell apart. today was probably the hardest day i had while being here. standing next to orion, i just couldn't bear it, and i left the room to sit with semone. she was definitely comforting. i began to text friends to see if they can visit us right away since i knew semone and the boys would be heading back home. thankfully, kathy came so fast, and seeing cute little lizzie brightened my day and gave me laughs. next came chris and sara with tasty vietnamese sandwiches (always a favorite in our house). great company as usual, and the visitors continued! tina and michelle came and caused their typical ruckus. they supplied us with awesome dim sum and a cheesecake! way to go tina, thanks for fattening me up! and our last visitor for today, my wonderful loving brother anson. after i called him with the news, he pretty much packed up his bag and headed up here. he'll be hanging out for a day or two.

keep continuing your prayers. this minor excitement this morning sets orion back a little bit because they want to keep an eye on him and make sure no more seizures continue. he is still on the anti-seizure meds, so please wish for no more seizures! they are also planning to take the breathing tube out tomorrow, so let's hope that plan falls through. neurology will be coming by in the morning to decide whether or not orion needs a CT scan (doctors aren't sure if all this radiation exposure is necessary since he had an MRI not too long ago).

phew. what a day. so emotionally exhausted, i took lots of naps, and i had a very hard time being in the room with orion. i spent most of my time outside his room and enjoyed the comfort of company. i am now spending the evening with him, and he's mostly sedated yet waking up and looking around with sleepy eyes. he likes to hold anyone's hand, so my legs are getting worn out from standing and holding his tiny hand!

well, i still need to eat dinner and get some rest. we will post more as we learn more. thanks to everyone for their thoughts, love, and prayers. please continue to send them our way!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Exhausted, Worried, but Very Hopeful

Orion's been kept sedated for two days now and still doesn't have his breathing tube out. We are exhausted yet feel like we have done nothing to be exhausted. Maybe it's becuase we got more than 2 hours of sleep the last two nights and our bodies said, "hey i like that! give me more... you are now exhausted!" It was strange, it was so easy to stay awake before, probably because we got to take care or lil'O and play with him. There is a definite void without his smiling, laughing, crying, or saying, "da da da dadada dada."

We were getting worried yesterday because his RA pressure slowly climbed to 18 and his LA was around 13, and they remain high. The Drs seem to believe this gradual pressure increase is due to the fact that he is retaining a lot more fluids than he did post-op. The excess fluid is due to the fact that he has had multiple blood transfusions to keep different blood counts stable. He also came out of the O.R. with a pacemaker. His RA was beating slightly slower than the RV because of the repairs made to the tricuspid valve. His body seemed to have compensated and readjusted and his heart is now in rhythm on its own. The drs are keeping the pacemaker on him just in case his heart rate dropped below 90 which it hasn't in the last 24 hours.

Other than that his levels look fine, his breathing rate is stable and he's actually breathing over the ventilator. He seems to have some deposits on the bottom of his lung that have increased overnight. They are currently trying to break it up by making his right lung breathe hard, and beating his right chest with a special little cup and, suctioning out what they can get.

Everyone does seem to be very happy with his state though. There are a few unknowns, (unknowns really bother me), but if his lung seems to get better with a few hours of trying to break up the deposits, then they will take his breathing tube out (a surgical recovery milestone).

On a lighter note thanks to Michael for stopping by and bringing us chocolates,a magazine, and great company. If you guys are in the area, stop by - we could use the company. Also Semone, Stephen and Ed (my siblings) are supposed to drive up today... yeah! We love this hospital so much we were going to buy some Stanford gear, can you imagine that, us two with matching sweaters and hats?! That might be a little overboard. ttyl -Bo

Friday, March 28, 2008

First 72 hours are critical

Orions been doing great. They kept him sleepy all night which gave bo and I a chance to rest up as well. The plan is to keep him pretty sedated all day today, but he's fighting it! Kicking his arms and legs and tugging at lines makes me panic! They continue his medications to calm him down, but this kid is a fighter! They even had to tie down his arm so he wouldn't pull anything. Doctors finally gave him a different med and it seems to be working (so far).

Since the first 72 hours are critical, we are praying for no infections, no bleeding, and no complications. We are at bedside, bo is working and I am tired from getting 5 hours of straight rest (very rare!). Orions got awesome nurses and doctors here, and we just love
and appreciate everything this hospital has done for us. We also love and appreciate the support we've received from friends and family too!

He still has his breathing tube in, and they plan on taking it out tomorrow. He's got an NG tube again, so they might start feeds today through the tube.

DOH! Orion is already waking yp again. The nurse just gave him another med to get him back to sleep, so we hope this one lasts longer!

Let's hope for a speedy recovery so he can get home and return to his fun playing and visits with family and friends!

Be sure to check our photo gallery too as we post new pics!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

not going to leave you guys hanging this time...

We just talked to Dr. Reddy about 5 mins ago. He said the operation went great, they did a 2 ventricle repair and installed a 19 (mm?) valve that should last a good 5-10 years. The tricuspid valve just required some adjusting of leaflets and they did the operation off the heart-lung machine which means they never had to stop his heart. They were able to close up his chest due to minimal bleeding. The pressures measured at 10 and it was the same on both the LA and RA. We are just waiting for him to get to the ICU. 

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts, and Orion's newly repaired heart,  for all your support... our prayers were answered. 

in surgery

orion went in at 5pm tonight. we are waiting, and hopefully we will hear from doctors in an hour or two. thanks chris and sara for visiting, chatting, dinner, and just being our great friends. we will post results as soon as we can.

still waiting

another child came in last night needing surgery immediately, so that child was first case today. We have not heard from anyone yet. We suspect dr. Reddy is still in surgery. Let's hope for an update from the doctors soon to find out when he will be going in. He is very tired, uncomfortable, unhappy, and especially hungry.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

long night of waiting

since surgery has been changed to tomorrow, i've been restless. i'm so glad bo's parents decided to drive up because that breaks up the day and keeps me from going crazy. time goes by so slow when you're here. i feel like i have nothing to do when orion is sleeping. there's no housework, no cleaning, no making milk, no extensive playing (when you're in ICU). i miss orion's happy smiles and laughter. he shows a little bit of excitement every so often, but he's probably uncomfortable with the chest tube and not happy lying down in the crib most of the time.

right now it's 11pm. orion stops eating formula at midnight and has clear fluids until 6am. he is most likely second case, but they want to make sure his stomach is empty in case they decide to let him go first.

this postponed surgery is messing up our emotions. we were already trying to prepare for today only to find out we have to feel those same anxious feelings for another day. this is probably adding to my sick-to-my-stomach nauseous feeling, not to mention another day of no sleep.

i will probably try to nap bedside tonight. bo has a lot of work to do tonight, so no sleep for him. i suppose it's probably time to give him back his computer :)

will post updates tomorrow!

surgery postponed

orion will go into surgery tomorrow, we are not sure what time yet. O.R. was full today, but he will be in surgery tomorrow for sure. thanks to all who are sending emails and comments, they are really uplifting and encouraging! also, thanks to kathy and elizabeth (orion's new heart girlfriend) for stopping by and bringing us some yummy goodies to eat, homemade cookies, and snacks for little orion too! and another big thanks to our family and friends who plan to visit us in the next couple of days!

the history, the cath, and the surgery

The last week and half Orion just wasn't himself... he was grumpy, slept for more than 3 hours on several occasions (we knew it was too good to be true), threw up often, and stopped eating his beloved finger foods. Normal child development diagnosis would point to reflux and his body no longer responding to his reflux medications. We switched from Zantac to a Previcid; a drug that stops stomach acid production all together. The vomiting once a day continued.

: So after consulting with our cardiologist on thursday we decided to come-in to get an echo. Our Dr scheduled one the next day during his clinic hours. Tawny had an appointment the next day, Friday, at Stanford so we said lets make it a Stanford day! Little did we know it would be a Stanford couple-of-weeks. We'll go to Tawny's appointment in the morning and then go get Orion' echo and go over the results with the Doc then come home that night... that was the plan.

Friday: (ready for the technical side of things?!)
We came in for an echo and the results showed that the wall (Atrial Septal | AS) between the right and left atrium (RA and LA respectively, consult heart picture below) was slightly curved toward the left atrium. This was not too alarming because we already knew that the RA's pressure was elevated due to leakage from the tricuspid valve (valve between RA and right ventricle(RV)) <- been programming too much with the double parentheses. So Dr. Axelrod (our cardiologist) examined O, heard some noises and ordered a chest xray to check for plural effusion. The xray came back positive for fluid around his right lung which combined with the curved AS , no fever, vomiting (the lung becomes slightly enlarged which can push up on other organs, and poor guy, through personal experience i know how painful that can be), long sleep periods/drowsiness, pointed towards early heart failure, or as our cardiologist eloquently put-it to keep us from freaking out, "his heart's not doing so well, so we are going to drain that fluid form his right lung first and the do the cath very soon." So we were admitted to the general floor and O was put on IV lasix to drain the fluid.

Monday: They monitored him daily and the IV lasix worked like a charm. By Monday, O was back to his cheerful self, and his chest xray showed up clear! Yeah... so they decided to schedule him for a cath the next day. We were worried, they said he will get the cath tomorrow and depending on how he does after can go home the same day. We hate getting sent home right after a major procedure too early. Signing the consent brought back so many memories and feelings from over a year ago. The doctor had to disclose all the possible risks of the procedure and the one that always hits us and gives us an uneasy feeling is "death." We were however glad to hear that Dr. Perry was going to do our cath as he is world renown for his surgical skills in the cathlab (and also for his people skills... but in the opposite direction, but hey, no-joke, we like the guy a lot, (I actually can communicate with him well by grunting and nodding)). That night we stopped feeding him at 9pm and gave him only clear fluids until 12am after which he had absolutely nothing to eat or drink.

Tuesday morning came and we took O for a long Buggy ride and took him to the preschool to play with toys, trains, blocks, oil pastels, crayons, and do one of his favorite things to do, watch other kids play. It was turning out to be a great day. O went to the cath lab on schedule at 12pm and played with bubbles smiling and laughing (his usual self) in the surgery waiting area. two hours later our Dr came to us saying that they saw some more fluid around his lung so they need a consent to put in a chest tube. (for those of you who don't know, its a tube going INTO his body from his abdomen about 1/8-1/4 inch thick. It is sutured on to his skin and goes all the way to where it needs to be, in O's case his lungs, and attaches to a vacuum that slowly drains fluid, uncomfortable and painful). That's about when my day went downhill (it was already starting out a bad day for Tawny, she had terrible stomach pains). We got the call that O was done with his cath and Dr Perry and Dr Axelrod would meet us to discuss the results.

CATH RESULTS: The cath showed (besides the fluid leftover in the lungs) that the pressure in the RA was 18 when a normal heart would be 6 (12 is about what it was on his last cath). This excessive pressure was built up over time and was probably due to several factors. The ASD (atrial septal defect) that O was born used to relieve some of the pressure in his RA, but after time had probably become smaller and smaller as O's heart grew. One of the big problems is the two valves preceding the RA have leaking back-flow. The tricuspid valve (valve between the RA and RV is leaking into the RA, and the area where the pulmonary valve supposed to be is an open patch. The good thing about the excessive pressure in the RA is that it forces flow through the RV (it really has no where else to go), which makes the RV want to grow... and it has, to the point where it's usable, something that was not expected. So it's a fine line between good and bad, and the pressure has crossed over to the bad.

THE SURGERY: During the cath, Dr. Reddy was called over to look at the pictures and results of the cath. After discussing the info with the rest of the team they decided O would need surgery in the coming days... and since O.R. space is booked solid for a while and there is an opening the next day, they said, "Orion is going into surgery tomorrow, if we can get the O.R." So the plan today (Wednesday) is for Dr. Reddy put O on the heart/lung bypass machine, open up his heart and repair the ASD, the tricuspid valve, and the pulmonary valve, so that there is no longer backflow going into the RA. Then they will test out O's new anatomy, but checking the flow and pressures. If the pressures remain stable and seem to be in a tolerable range, they will be done and Orion will now have an anatomy very close to that of a healthy heart or a "2-ventricle repair." If the pressure in the RA and don't seem to subside and stay dangerously high, they will go ahead and proceed to do the "Glenn Procedure." This is where the SVC (superior vena cava), the main vessel that returns all the un-oxygenated blood from the upper half of the body to the heart, will be rerouted directly to the lungs. Doing this will reduce the load on the RA by half, because the right-side of the heart will only be pumping the blood from the lower part of the body into the lungs. This is called the 1 1/2 ventricle repair, it's basically the SVC bypassing the rightside of the heart. This procedure also makes the LV (left ventricle) work harder, and since O doesn't have a totally normal LV, the 2 ventricle repair would be ideal. Another thing about the Glenn is it is irreversible. With the 2V repair, if O's body changes in the future there is the Glenn is still an option.

We are hoping that the RA will respond to Dr Reddy's repairs and the pressure will go down without having to do the Glenn. Please keep O in your thoughts today, as he is scheduled tentatively for the O.R. at 12 pm today. This is the day we have been waiting for for a long time.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Orion goes in for surgery tomorrow!

he will have an emergency open heart surgery around noon tomorrow. Bo will post later with all the medical details since my brain can't handle it right now. It will take at least 5 hours, and we are hoping for a two-ventricle repair (will be better for him in the long run). We will both be spending tonight with him since he's a little feisty. There are no beds for us to sleep on in this ICU so we will be at bedside. We are both overwhelmed since this was such sudden news, but we know Orion will do well. If bo doesn't post soon, keep in mind we are pretty busy taking care of our rambuctious son :)

in the waiting area

we dropped Orion off around 130 to the cath lab. The procedure should take 2-3 hours. We are in the surgical waiting room with our pager, and I'm blogging from my phone cuz I'm too tired to get my computer. It was really sad letting Orion go. He had the saddest cry. But it has to be done.

Tomorrow morning our cardiologist has a meeting with the rest of the team to discuss the plan for orion. We should be discharged tomorrow or Thursday. Will post more updates soon.

Monday, March 24, 2008


orion's been in great shape. yesterday was the first day he showed signs of his usual behavior, playing, laughing, having fun. so much fun that he wore mommy out, so i went straight to bed after he fell asleep last night. his xrays showed no more fluid in his lung! doctors discontinued lasix by IV and is now doing it orally. orion's much much happier.

this morning, i woke up with a very sick stomach, and bo was up working all night. he slept most of the morning while i tried to manage taking care of orion. when doctors came in around 10am, they told me orion is scheduled for a cath tomorrow at noon.


my heart raced again, and the anxiety returned. that made my stomach feel even worse, so after bo woke up, i spent the rest of the day sleeping (and heaving, yuck). it's now 10pm and I am just beginning to feel better. We are just hoping this virus doesn't spread and get orion sick.

so, tomorrow the cath. i know it's necessary, i've been through it twice before, but each time it gets harder and harder. doctors of course have to explain the risks, which i absolutely hate to hear, but we have to deal with it, right? so today, we pretty much let orion do whatever he wanted. he made a mess with all his toys and books everywhere, emptied out all the belongings we brought and made mountains of clothes, food, and mail. i let him call anybody he wanted to from my phone, so we called auntie semone, uncle anson, grandma aye and grandma pham. lots of fun times.

now that orion is fast asleep, i am off to bed again. hopefully this stomach thing will pass and i can have a normal day tomorrow.

oh yeah, i forgot to mention bo sold his beautiful car today :( trying to save money, so he thought the first place to start would be to get rid of the car and insurance payment. he will miss his black saab 92x aero, but hopefully his next car will be even better.

i still have to blog about sunday, but i'll do it later. lots of easter fun and pictures too.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


i have been meaning to post this, but i keep forgetting. on thursday night (day before we brought orion to hospital), i was in the kitchen doing dishes while bo and orion were playing in the bedroom. an old song i haven't heard in a long time came on, and the lyrics hit me in a totally different way than when i heard that song last.

wonder, by the beautiful natalie merchant, is an amazing, uplifting song. i had so many flashbacks as i listened to the lyrics. it reminded me of the time nurses and students from different local hospitals came to LPCH to hear orion's distinctive, above-the-norm heart murmur. i also remembered the time bo was hospitalized in the summer of 06, and too many people were constantly bugging him and asking him questions about his disease. people are so amazed by these findings because they are rare cases, but in this song, it explains, from the child's point of view, how beautiful these children are and how they are so special and gifted, they will be amazing, courageous people.

Natalie Merchant

Doctors have come
from distant cities
just to see me
stand over my bed
disbelieving what they're seeing

they say I must be one of the wonders
of god's own creation
and as far as they see they can offer
no explanation

newspapers ask
intimate questions
want confessions
they reach into my head
to steal the glory
of my story

they say I must be one of the wonders
of god's own creation
and as far as they see they can offer
no explanation

I believe
fate smiled and destiny
laughed as she came to my cradle
"know this child will be able"
laughed as my body she lifted
"know this child will be gifted
with love, with patience
and with faith
she'll make her way"

people see me
I'm a challenge
to your balance
I'm over your heads
how I confound you
and astound you
to know I must be one of the wonders
of god's own creation
and as far as you see you can offer me
no explanation

I believe
fate smiled and destiny
laughed as she came to my cradle
"know this child will be able"
laughed as she came to my mother
"know this child will not suffer"
laughed as my body she lifted
"know this child will be gifted
with love, with patience
and with faith
she'll make her way"

happy easter!!!

orion woke up to a cool gift basket from the easter bunny this morning! he woke up pretty early (6am) after sleeping so well last night. we had an AWESOME nurse, michelle, who is super-quiet, doesn't bother him, and let's us take his vitals when he's calm or sleeping. we are going to request for her tonight.

here are some photos of the cutie playing around:

easter socks!

haven't gotten xrays taken yet, so i will post once we get that done and hear the results.

his personality and behavior is returning back to normal. he's more playful, goofy, smiley, and generally happy. i hope this means he's getting better fast!!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

FINALLY blood drawn successfully

after four tries of drawing blood for a liver panel (checking to see if this is an infection), this lab guy was finally able to do it. and quick too. orion was actually asleep, but of course woke up from people squeezing his arm and piercing his skin with a needle. they got a whole lotta blood (also very rare) and FAST. we were happy. hopefully we'll get good results.

bo brought orion's cool buggy and he got to roam the hospital for a bit. i forgot to take pictures, so we'll do it again tomorrow. he was SO happy, he even smiled and waved at all the evil nurses! (well, not really evil, just in orion's mind). came back to our room and gave the stinky little guy a quick bath. now refreshed, he happily sat and watched more tv - this is becoming a terrible habit. i find him zoned out and staring at the tube, and he doesn't pay attention to us calling his name. it's true, we don't have a tv at home, so this is probably really interesting to him, but let's not make it too interesting! ok tomorrow, less tv, more reading!!

actually, they have preschool here every weekday so maybe monday i will take him to play with the other kiddies. but tomorrow is sunday, so we will probably try out the playroom. i hear they have a ton of toys and it's the happening place.

so this week is dad's week. orion has a pattern of switching off between parents. he'll only want one or the other. when he only wants me, bo is like "aww, he doesn't love me." so now it's dad's turn, and i'm like "aww, orion hates me!" it doesn't help that this week is a busy work week for bo. let's hope orion will balance out and enjoy the both of us while dad can make the money!

alright, i think i'm signing off for the night. it's only 1040pm and orion is actually sleeping! yay, time for my nap :)

pic of the night:
mmmm, starbucks!

thinking of andrew too

one of bo's dear friends has been battling cancer for over a year now. he is in the hospital going through surgery as we speak (or as i type), and we've been praying for him too. the marks family is also posted in our links of friends' blogs. sending our love to you guys, grace and andrew (and gracie and AJ!).

xray looking better

after a rough night of no sleep and constant interruption, orion was able to nap just a little bit this morning before getting an xray today. lungs are looking clearer, so hopefully the IV treatment is working. they will be taking two more xrays tomorrow, one of him lying down on his back and another with him on his right side.

this visit to the hospital is a lot worse than ever before. he is aware of his surroundings and has made associations of pain with nurses and doctors that come in. some nurses and doctors are sympathetic to his stranger anxiety, some are not. the toughest part is getting blood drawn since he has such small veins and only the super-experienced can do it quickly. others take a few tries, and it's painful to watch him scream in horror. it's sad, it's almost as if he loses sight of everything and is in his own world of sadness of fear. his eyes look lost.

every time the door opens, he just begins to scream. once he recognizes it is either mom or dad, he's ok, but anyone else, he continues to cry. hopefully we'll be able to go home soon to end his fear.

he's been extra extra clingy. if he falls asleep in my arms, he senses when i sit down and wakes up. he won't even let me sit! so standing, holding a pretty heavy baby is tiring and a strain on my back. he's ok with bo, he'll fall asleep on his shoulder and bo will be able to put him in the crib.

yesterday was the first time orion ever called for "dada" and meant it. he was sitting down next to me on the floor and bo was up on the couch. he said "dada" (he says it all the time, but he pretty much calls everything in sight dada), stood up pushing against my legs and reached his arms out to dad. cutest thing ever. and today, while the lab people were trying to draw blood, he was so sad and crying out "dadadadadada" and looking up at bo. too cute.

and he said BALL today! any kind of ball has been his favorite toy, and we brought all the balls from home into the hospital. he kept handing me all the balls and saying "BAW." he's growing up!

at least he's very happy when no one is bothering him. now we just have to work on him getting some good rest so mom and dad can too.

just a brief update (really not much going on yet)

i should be sleeping and getting rest, after all the week has been a little hectic, and today was a pretty busy day. but, it's nice at night in the hospital. things are quiet, not much happens, no nurses bother us (well, sometimes but not so much). orion just fell asleep. it's so hard for him to be in a strange place around strangers and not have any familiarity around him. all he has is us. he's doing well though. he has his moments of happiness, like reading new books.

bo is taking a nap now so he can be refreshed for the drive back to sf (about 45 minutes) to pick up his own medicine that he needs tonight. before that though, he grabbed us all dinner from in n out, i don't know why lately i've been craving MEAT. i had a burger for lunch AND dinner today. sheesh. and on that trip, he brought all the miscellaneous toys from the car, so orion has a few of his favorite things. one of the nurses here was really sweet and gave orion a shiny silver metallic balloon, which he's been playing with all night. i love how the smallest things bring the biggest smiles.

here is a picture of orion in his hospital crib, trying to get used to things.

and finally asleep.

sorry some of these photos are dark, i'm taking them from my phone and uploading it straight to flickr from the iphone. with the firewall with the hospital's internet, we can't upload from our computer. we have an awesome video of orion dancing (sitting down, not standing), and it's the sweetest thing. we'll upload it when we can.

it's almost 1am, and i should probably get some rest. will post more in the next couple of days.

oh, i forgot to mention bo set up a new gallery, but i thought it was too hard to navigate, especially for people like my mom or grandma to view. so we are slowly uploading photos to flickr. so far, we have recent pictures of lunar new year, my birthday, and random photos of orion. we will eventually upload our entire photo library (that's like 10,000 pictures literally), so check back often. just click on the link "FAMILY PICTURES" to the right on on our blog.

Friday, March 21, 2008

orion in the hospital

here is the email i sent to our friends and family:

just wanted to let everyone know orion was admitted to the hospital this afternoon. he hasn't been himself all week - sleeping all the time, tired, not eating, not active or playing, we had an echo done today which showed his heart is essentially the same. but they did find fluid in his right lung. it is most likely not viral, but probably from the pressures of his heart that pushed fluid to his lung. he currently takes lasix, a diuredic that helps get rid of fluid in his body. doctors say that administering a higher dose of lasix orally will probably not rid of all the fluid, so they decided to admit him and administer lasix by IV. they are going to xray him daily and see the progress. if he doesn't improve within a few days, they will drain fluids by chest tubes.

since this is quite unusual, doctors want to be cautious and get a closer look at his heart (they have been delaying the cardiac catheterization and surgery since his condition wasn't worsening). they will most likely do a cath once his lung is all clear of fluids (doing a cath now with fluid in lung will mess up the numbers). this means we will be in the hospital for at least a week or so.

we are really hoping lasix will take care of this and we can go home. orion is not happy here, especially when he can't sleep because nurses keep waking him up to check vitals, etc. bo is going to go home tonight to pick up essentials, toys, and all the fun stuff so we can try to keep orion happy.

we will try to post regularly on our blog to keep everyone up to date. check our site often.

thanks to everyone for thinking of orion. he misses everybody!!

lots of love,
bo + tawny + orion

so of course this isn't anything super-serious, but it does mean we are moving forward with surgery plans sooner than we hoped. there are no details yet, we will just see how he does with the lasix through IV and hope that makes him better.

right now we are just focusing on keeping orion as happy and comfortable as possible. he finally fell asleep, so this gives me time to blog and post a couple of pictures. we'll keep everyone up to date.

sad to be in the hospital. look at those eyes!! so puffy from crying.

watching meet the robinsons with daddy. yay for the rufus song!