Thursday, February 07, 2008

new photo gallery coming soon!

i know everyone is anxiously waiting for new photos of orion, plus my birthday book. bo is working on a new photo gallery that will make it much easier, faster, and more convenient to upload photos. we have so many pictures, it becomes an overwhelming task that we end up putting aside to do later when we have "the time."

bo should be finished with it soon, he is pretty busy with some other projects as well, so he's doing the best he can!!

we will be leaving for orange county next week. we are driving down this time, so hopefully orion will last in the car. CHD awareness day is approaching! (also known as valentine's day). so keep your hearts open for all the CHD kids in the world and send them some love :)

hope everyone's doing well and staying happy and healthy. drop us a line, we miss you!