Monday, January 28, 2008

blogging from my beautiful new computer!!!

to all my friends and family,

yeah! i love this thing! first off, this will be a quick post because everyone's napping after a big long night of projects. bo was literally up all night putting together my wonderful amazing gorgeous book of cards (thank you everyone!). he just fell asleep at 215pm, and now orion is taking a nap too.

orion painted me a very original painting with his own hands and feet! (pics to come). all those cards were so sweet and i love all the words of memories, funny times we've had together, beautiful thoughts of strength, etc etc. i can't thank everyone enough.

bo also made me an apron from fabric we found months and months ago. it's a pretty black with teeny white polka dots with embroidered flowers on. he cut and sewed it (to my specs using his own body, pretending he had my hips and chest, hahahaha) and trimmed it with pink lace, and a little heart balloon sewn on. so cute! he also used that same fabric to line an iphone box to turn into a recipe box. yay! no more lost recipes! with that came a new mixing bowl for a vintage kitchenaid mixer he picked up from some dude along the sidewalk (that's san francisco for ya) filled with goodies like toblerone, m&ms, nerds (because he's my nerd), crayons, and four different scents of handsoap (chocolate, cinnamon, lemongrass and orchid). i love it all.

special thanks (again) to all my friends and family who chipped in for this awesome laptop. i love love love it! it's pretty, white, and glossy. and big thanks to my big bro anson for picking it up and reformatting it and installing all the programs on it. i don't think i'll be letting orion play with this one. now he's got his own (my old one), except it still works and maybe that's not a good idea! thanks again (yes again) for all the amazing cards, especially those who set aside some time to make them by hand. i love the book idea, and i'm so happy it's collected together in this beautiful binding which i will keep forever (pics to come).

big BIG thanks to my one and only beau BO for putting this all together, organizing everything, connecting with my friends, and just being one amazing guy. you are the best. yes, really are the best!!! and orion too, he helped a lot, he is a great assistant :)

we were planning to walk around the city this afternoon since the rain has stopped and it's surprisingly sunny today. once the boys wake from their naps, we'll head out on our adventure. tonight, the lovely diana from new jersey will be joining us for dinner. not sure where to go yet, but at least i have a fast new computer to yelp on!

ok, really i promise pics to come. THANK YOU EVERYONE for being part of my special day. i think i'm gonna like being 28!!!

love, tawny

Saturday, January 26, 2008


yes, orion is turning one in less than one month! we can't believe it either. this kid has grown so fast, and we know time will be flying by faster. i keep putting off blogging because i want to post pictures with it. i decided i'll post pictures later (i know, i said that last time, i really mean it now).

he's been itching to crawl, and so far he's managed to scoot (he sits on his butt and scoots forward, staying on his cutie butt). he definitely knows how to show NO when he doesn't want something, and he definitely knows how to show YES when he does. he shakes his head, shuts his mouth, and refuses until you give up. if you grab his little sippie cup, he goes into this excited frenzy with his hands up in the air and big smiles, trying to say, "yes yes! i want my juice!"

playtime, he's learned things can go inside other things. he can sit for an hour and repeat the same cycle: toys in box, toys out of box; toys in box, toys out of box. he also enjoys sharing: he'll hand anything over to you, then of course take it back - he wouldn't be a kid if he didn't, right? :)

eating: he's finally back to eating solids! he slowed down for quite a while, not sure why, maybe because his teeth were coming in. but now there's no stopping this kid from eating anything! his favorites: tangerines, really stinky (and expensive) cheese, hawaiian bread, tofu, ground turkey, tomato sauce and cheese combo, fish, green peas, and every fruit you can imagine. we secretly mix vegetables into his pureed fruit, and he eats it all up. he hates ground beef, chicken, pretty much anything meaty.

orion's a homebody. with all the rain, we have been trying to get him out of the house to indoor destinations. i've taken him to the mall, but all he wants to do is go back home and play with his toys. it's too cold outside to take walks, and on dry days, i will take him to the park. he plays a little bit, but can't wait to go back home. maybe we don't give him enough variety to explore, and he just wants to stay within his comfort zone. looks like we have a lot of research and roaming to do!

that's it for now. will definitely post pictures soon, i promise!!