Friday, October 26, 2007

Orion, A Gap Model?

it's 4:30am, and i can't sleep because i spent the last two days sleeping trying to recover from a cold. bo has been great taking care of orion, and i think i'm finally getting better. orion grows up so fast, some days we look at him and his face doesn't even look like a baby's anymore. we look back on pictures not that long ago, and he's starting to look like a boy. being the usual mom, i start getting sad knowing that he's going to start kindergarten soon, then he'll be graduating high school and moving so far away from us for college. and i'll be the crazy mom who will send him care packages...ok getting off on a tangent here.

overall, orion is doing so great and growing so well. his first two bottom teeth are coming out, which means endless days and nights of discomfort and crying. we distract him with cold pacifiers and noisy toys and that seems to break him away from the pain.

he is also developing fast! he's such a smart kid. he hasn't totally figured out the rolling over thing, but he's got some strong kicking legs and quick hands. he's becoming trouble, stealing anything he can get his little hands on. no crawling quite yet, but he's becoming more comfortable laying down on his own and having floor time (playing on the floor).

most recently, i set up a bay area gathering of families with kids who have heart defects. we all met at golden gate park and exchanged hospital stories and cardiac baby care tips. it was helpful to see kids older than orion and hear of all the stages they went through. it eased our minds a bit to know that what we go through is "normal." orion had a great time playing with the others, he was the youngest and the only boy, after all.

and of course, the gap casting call. it took us FOREVER to narrow down our top five photos, but here they are!

it was pretty hectic trying to submit these photos. as most of you know, the contest ended oct 24. being that all his photos were too cute, we waited until the last minute to choose. by the afternoon of the 24th, the server was down, and we kept trying and trying until finally at 8:55pm, it was working again! bo quickly submitted, only to find out that the contest closed at 9pm. we were only successful at submitting one picture. but of course, bo does not give up easily. being the nerdy coder he is, he found a way to to upload photos directly to the server, and hooray, orion is officially a contestant! we can't wait to hear the results. we know even if he doesn't make it to the finals, orion is STILL the cutest baby in the world :)

orion's plans, other than being a gap baby: he has an MRI scheduled the beginning of november. doctors figured this is a less-invasive way to look at his heart. after that, he will have a cath in january and will undergo surgery shortly after that. bo and i are making the most of our time right now enjoying orion and offering him as much as we can. we decided it is important for orion to be around his extended family as often as possible, so our goal is to visit orange county once a month. our last visit gave orion many opportunities to bond with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousin, and he enjoyed every moment of it. we hope to let him experience that as much as he can.

on a side-note (but not less important), bo and i celebrated our first-year wedding anniversary. we actually celebrated while we were in orange county since we had a babysitter, and it was a beautiful day. we also celebrated casually up here at home, and we are still celebrating to this day!

"Love is what you've been through with somebody." -James Thurber