Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hows Orion Doing?

Ori is doing well. The last few weeks have been a worrisome time. Orion seems to have caught a cold which has resulted in congestion, sweating, difficult sleeping, and eating very little (half of what he usually takes). We were worried and took him into the pediatrician, and then the Heart Center, but all the Dr's could say was that it's not a heart related problem. That good news, but we still wonder, "what's going on then?" Hopefully it is just a head cold and developmental stuff thats going on, but like always, we are very vigilant when it comes to Orion's health. In fact, the operators at Lucile Packard's Heart Center, as well as the pediatrician's office have memorized not only our voices, but also our phone numbers and medical information! They don't mind, how can you pass up an opportunity to see "the cutest baby in the world." Of course they would be happy to see him. That's our opinion. What lifts our spirits now is how happy he is when he's not tired or hungry. We will leave you today with 2 minutes of our heaven.

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