Sunday, July 22, 2007

Great news from the CathLab!

The Cardiac Catheterization on the 16th went better than good. Dr. Perry from Lucile Packard CH was the doctor preforming the procedure. The results showed that Orion's Right Ventricle(RV) had a great amount of growth between the last Cath/Operation and this one. It was enough for the team of doctors at LPCH to conclude that Orion's Glenn Operation should be canceled to see if the RV continues to grow. They decided to re-cath him in 4-6 months and check on the progress of his heart. The drawbacks to waiting on doing his Glenn is that the "BT Shunt" he has now bringing blood from his aorta to his pulmonary arteries can create a large amount of pressure on them and cause them to become weak. In the cath, the pressures in the PA looked good. If his heart continues to grow at the same rate, it is very possible that Orion will have a 2 ventricle system instead of the 1 1/2 that was planned.

Recap: Surgery canceled, cath results were great, Orion will be re-assesed in 4-6 months for what to do next.


Diana Shieh said...

that is GREAT news!! i can't wait to meet the little guy. he is such a cute little munchkin. congrats to the aye team!

Anonymous said...

what awesome news! we were happy to get the update...

we'll keep checking in on you guys but know that we think about your cute family often :)

if you're ver in vegas, let us know!!!

the mannings