Saturday, May 05, 2007

our strong boy

orion is doing GREAT. he came out of surgery last night around 9pm, and he's been in CVICU since. he still has his breathing tube in, but it will most likely come out tomorrow morning (much much faster than the first time around). once that's out, we wait 6 hours, and he can start bottle-feeding again! i was surprised, but very happy that he is recovering well. of course, the first 48 hours after surgery are critical, so we cautiously watch his progress. he has three chest tubes this time, and he still has an NG tube to pull out fluids and air from his stomach (he had a bit of blood in there yesterday). he's looking pretty puffy from all the fluid retention, but he's on a lot of diuretics that is helping him rid of it. he likes to move around a lot, that's how we can tell his sedatives are wearing off, so the nurse has to give him more. the first things he moves around are his arms, we think those are his favorite limbs. because of this movement, he's got what looks like a brace around his arm so he doesn't punch himself like he usually does at home :)

we really hope his recovery is faster this time. i'm guessing three weeks. he's so much more stable than the first time he had surgery. doctors closed his chest up immediately after surgery, so it seems we are going through the steps quicker. we can't wait to bring him home.

bo and i are doing okay. we went home last night to sleep, and we got some really good, needed rest. i recovered well from food poisoning yesterday, i think i ate some undercooked eggs from the hospital breakfast tray. we are also trying to figure out when we are moving into our new apartment, bo would like to do it while orion is in the hospital so everything will be ready and situated when it's time to come home. we can't wait to move into our new place. it's more spacious, has lots of room for orion to learn to crawl and walk around, and we have a little backyard that i know orion will love. there's a lot to see around the city too, which will be great exposure for him. bo's parents are still here, they are heading home tomorrow. chris and sara have been visiting regularly too. today, they came before we got to the hospital, and bo found them in the waiting room, texting away.

bo's mom would like to come up again this coming weekend, and anson and his phamily want to come too. that will be mother's day weekend!! us mommies will be spending it all together in the hospital :)

hopefully tonight will be another uneventful night. keep sending your thoughts and prayers his way, we really hope for a successful recovery so we can bring our little baby home.

VIDEO: check out the video of orion being burped. he really likes to bob his head around :)

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Anonymous said...

that's so great they were able to close up his chest right away! and he looks so healthy ...

were they able to do the glenn procedure as well?

thanks for keeping us posted on his progress - we sure have a special place in our hearts for your little guy.

the mannings