Wednesday, May 02, 2007

just waiting

orion is doing okay. he sweats a lot now when he eats because his heart is in overdrive. he cries a lot too, probably because it's paintful or uncomfortable. poor baby. he gets lots of rest here though, so we are happy about that. grandma is here, bo's mom drove up yesterday. he loves her singing and talking, and he especially loves that she holds him all day and night. what a lucky (and spoiled) kid!

we are anxiously waiting for friday to come. doctors will not know what kind of procedure they will perform until they are in the operating room and they observe his heart. the plan is for them to map out all the options before orion goes in, so when they open his heart, they can make a quick decision on what's best for him. it's possible for them to do the glenn procedure this time around so he will not need to go through another surgery again, but it depends on how his heart looks. they normally don't do this procedure at this young of an age, but we'll see. we are confident they will do what's best for orion.

still waiting and still exhausted. there are no beds in this room (we are sharing with 3 other patients), so bo and i take turns sitting with orion. i usually take the night shift so bo can be bedside in the morning when doctors do rounds. last night though, neither of us got that much sleep because bo went home to do some work (his laptop is broken - :( boo hoo), and i sat with orion till early morning. i finally got some rest at 6am, but got kicked out of the lounge because the staff wanted to clean. bo is trying to stay awake, waiting for a phone call from a guy he is buying a new laptop from. i will probably go home sometime today to clean up and check in on the apartment, they should have fixed our leaking bathroom ceiling this morning (finally).

okay, time for another EKG....


Anonymous said...

okay so we are soooo glad you are still at stanford! ...that's where you are, right? wow, that's a lot to absorb in a short time - but we're confidant like you in those doctors. they're the best. they had to make an educated decision on our little one once they were in there and they did end up doing the complete surgery all at once - something we weren't totally prepared for. they did an amazing job.

you are such a cute family and we continue to be amazed by your positive outlook and sweet spirits! what a lucky little boy orion is, to have such awesome parents that are doing the very best they can! and what a strong little kid! you'll have to look out when he gets older :)

we will be thinking about and praying for you and your sweet baby. hang in there, get some sleep and give each other lots of love - it makes it all go smoother!!!

lots of love and positive thoughts coming your way! love the Mannings

Diana Shieh said...

thank you for the updates... it really reminds me of what is important in life... how precious life in itself is. the three of you have gone through so much as a family already - i find it all so inspiring. the human spirit can sustain so much more than we ever anticipate. bo and orion's health are both in my prayers. try and get some rest and don't hesitate to ask for help.