Tuesday, May 01, 2007

finally, an update PART 4

good news is, everything went well in the cath lab. bad news is, they were not able to open up the patch large enough, so orion will be going into surgery this friday. we did not expect this, so we are having a tough time absorbing all of this. we figure, orion will go into surgery, recovery time will be a few weeks, then it will be time for his next surgery (glenn procedure), then will recover for another few weeks. by that time, it will probably be july! so we are already planning to stay at the hospital from now until then. we don't think orion will be discharged in between surgeries.

that said, we are praying for orion to get better and heal quickly from this so we can be back home again.

which brings us to this: we signed a lease for a new apartment in san francisco because we thought it would be more enjoyable for all of us. we didn't think we would have to be at the hospital anytime soon, but now that we are here (and for a while too), we aren't sure what to do. we'd like to keep our mountain view apartment because it is close to the hospital and will be convenient for us to have family visit, get rest, pick up any necessary items, etc. so we may try to sublet our SF apartment for several months because we do still love that place and hope to live there for a few years. it has a very homey feel which is exactly what we need when it's time to come home. plus, orion can be around more people, be visually stimulated by a more city-like environment, and be exposed to my family that lives in the city - that way, his vietnamese will be better than mine :)

until then....

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