Monday, May 07, 2007

ahhhh...breathing on my own.

orion's lovin life without the breathing tube. doctors took it out at 10am this morning, and he has started bottle-feeding. he is wide awake when he wants to be, and he's being his old self again. loves to move around, look around, and enjoys the scenery. he happily watches baby einstein on tv, he's never seen tv before since we don't have one at home. he is improving so well, doesn't feel much pain and isn't on any narcotics anymore. the only pain reliever he's on as needed is tylenol. what a trooper. he's taking big steps towards full recovery.

orion was on oxygen just as a precaution. doctors have been slowly weaning him off of it. he began at two liters, went down to 0.25 liters, and is now on room air (i guess this is the transition stage?). i'm guessing the prongs will come off of his nose in the morning.

now that he's pretty active, bo attached his mobile on the crib. he really did miss his little buddies, he spent quite some time conversing with them :) he gets a lot of rest in between playing, and he's slowly returning to his usual self. i've been watching his saturation levels, and they dropped a little bit, so now he is back on oxygen again. hopefully he will overcome this hurdle and be able to have good levels on his own. i'd be sad to have to bring him home on oxygen. he's crying more now, especially during diaper changes and when he's hungry. we are starting to see his personality again!

well, orion is going to sleep, and i'm ready for a nap.

"i don't like being here, when do i get to go home?"


Terri said...

He's soo adorable...what a little soldier boy!

it sounds like everything went very well... and I see that Dr. Reddy was the surgeon..

That is great ... I see that the Mannings are following the little fella!
I go to your blog only to see NO UPDATES!

Keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers....
thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

okay so he is getting better FAST!!!! and that is so great his breathing tube came out so soon - you can tell he wants to get home!!!

we'll keep watching his progress - thanks for the updates!

love-the mannings

Anonymous said...

oh yeah, and we were curious to know what they did in this second surgery ... did they end up doing the glenn procedure as well?


Diana Shieh said...

Hi guys! Happy Early Mother's Day Tawny! Orion has the most amazing puppy eyes. He is going through so much right now but at least he won't remember it when he's older! I'm going to SF this summer for work again, maybe by then you'll be moved in and Orion will be strong enough for visitors!

Keep up the high spirits :)

Anonymous said...

any updates?????

the mannings