Monday, May 07, 2007

ahhhh...breathing on my own.

orion's lovin life without the breathing tube. doctors took it out at 10am this morning, and he has started bottle-feeding. he is wide awake when he wants to be, and he's being his old self again. loves to move around, look around, and enjoys the scenery. he happily watches baby einstein on tv, he's never seen tv before since we don't have one at home. he is improving so well, doesn't feel much pain and isn't on any narcotics anymore. the only pain reliever he's on as needed is tylenol. what a trooper. he's taking big steps towards full recovery.

orion was on oxygen just as a precaution. doctors have been slowly weaning him off of it. he began at two liters, went down to 0.25 liters, and is now on room air (i guess this is the transition stage?). i'm guessing the prongs will come off of his nose in the morning.

now that he's pretty active, bo attached his mobile on the crib. he really did miss his little buddies, he spent quite some time conversing with them :) he gets a lot of rest in between playing, and he's slowly returning to his usual self. i've been watching his saturation levels, and they dropped a little bit, so now he is back on oxygen again. hopefully he will overcome this hurdle and be able to have good levels on his own. i'd be sad to have to bring him home on oxygen. he's crying more now, especially during diaper changes and when he's hungry. we are starting to see his personality again!

well, orion is going to sleep, and i'm ready for a nap.

"i don't like being here, when do i get to go home?"

Saturday, May 05, 2007

our strong boy

orion is doing GREAT. he came out of surgery last night around 9pm, and he's been in CVICU since. he still has his breathing tube in, but it will most likely come out tomorrow morning (much much faster than the first time around). once that's out, we wait 6 hours, and he can start bottle-feeding again! i was surprised, but very happy that he is recovering well. of course, the first 48 hours after surgery are critical, so we cautiously watch his progress. he has three chest tubes this time, and he still has an NG tube to pull out fluids and air from his stomach (he had a bit of blood in there yesterday). he's looking pretty puffy from all the fluid retention, but he's on a lot of diuretics that is helping him rid of it. he likes to move around a lot, that's how we can tell his sedatives are wearing off, so the nurse has to give him more. the first things he moves around are his arms, we think those are his favorite limbs. because of this movement, he's got what looks like a brace around his arm so he doesn't punch himself like he usually does at home :)

we really hope his recovery is faster this time. i'm guessing three weeks. he's so much more stable than the first time he had surgery. doctors closed his chest up immediately after surgery, so it seems we are going through the steps quicker. we can't wait to bring him home.

bo and i are doing okay. we went home last night to sleep, and we got some really good, needed rest. i recovered well from food poisoning yesterday, i think i ate some undercooked eggs from the hospital breakfast tray. we are also trying to figure out when we are moving into our new apartment, bo would like to do it while orion is in the hospital so everything will be ready and situated when it's time to come home. we can't wait to move into our new place. it's more spacious, has lots of room for orion to learn to crawl and walk around, and we have a little backyard that i know orion will love. there's a lot to see around the city too, which will be great exposure for him. bo's parents are still here, they are heading home tomorrow. chris and sara have been visiting regularly too. today, they came before we got to the hospital, and bo found them in the waiting room, texting away.

bo's mom would like to come up again this coming weekend, and anson and his phamily want to come too. that will be mother's day weekend!! us mommies will be spending it all together in the hospital :)

hopefully tonight will be another uneventful night. keep sending your thoughts and prayers his way, we really hope for a successful recovery so we can bring our little baby home.

VIDEO: check out the video of orion being burped. he really likes to bob his head around :)

mr. bobblehead

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Friday, May 04, 2007


orion went into the OR at 330pm today. we are in the surgical waiting area, we should expect to hear from dr. reddy around 11pm tonight. this morning was full of anxiety because he was scheduled to go in at 9am. orion was having so much fun yesterday and this morning, playing with grandma and grandpa, checking out all his new toys from grandma, and just laughing, smiling, and having a good time. it definitely wore him out and he slept most of today. we couldn't feed him past midnight last night, so there was a lot of fussiness and crying from being hungry through the night. i stayed up all night, holding orion and watching him sleep.

now we are here, waiting for him to come out. it's a lot harder this time around because we've become so attached to our son. we miss his cries, laughs, smiles, and coos. we are all praying and hoping for a successful surgery, a speedy recovery, and a happy return of our little boy.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

just waiting

orion is doing okay. he sweats a lot now when he eats because his heart is in overdrive. he cries a lot too, probably because it's paintful or uncomfortable. poor baby. he gets lots of rest here though, so we are happy about that. grandma is here, bo's mom drove up yesterday. he loves her singing and talking, and he especially loves that she holds him all day and night. what a lucky (and spoiled) kid!

we are anxiously waiting for friday to come. doctors will not know what kind of procedure they will perform until they are in the operating room and they observe his heart. the plan is for them to map out all the options before orion goes in, so when they open his heart, they can make a quick decision on what's best for him. it's possible for them to do the glenn procedure this time around so he will not need to go through another surgery again, but it depends on how his heart looks. they normally don't do this procedure at this young of an age, but we'll see. we are confident they will do what's best for orion.

still waiting and still exhausted. there are no beds in this room (we are sharing with 3 other patients), so bo and i take turns sitting with orion. i usually take the night shift so bo can be bedside in the morning when doctors do rounds. last night though, neither of us got that much sleep because bo went home to do some work (his laptop is broken - :( boo hoo), and i sat with orion till early morning. i finally got some rest at 6am, but got kicked out of the lounge because the staff wanted to clean. bo is trying to stay awake, waiting for a phone call from a guy he is buying a new laptop from. i will probably go home sometime today to clean up and check in on the apartment, they should have fixed our leaking bathroom ceiling this morning (finally).

okay, time for another EKG....

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

finally, an update PART 4

good news is, everything went well in the cath lab. bad news is, they were not able to open up the patch large enough, so orion will be going into surgery this friday. we did not expect this, so we are having a tough time absorbing all of this. we figure, orion will go into surgery, recovery time will be a few weeks, then it will be time for his next surgery (glenn procedure), then will recover for another few weeks. by that time, it will probably be july! so we are already planning to stay at the hospital from now until then. we don't think orion will be discharged in between surgeries.

that said, we are praying for orion to get better and heal quickly from this so we can be back home again.

which brings us to this: we signed a lease for a new apartment in san francisco because we thought it would be more enjoyable for all of us. we didn't think we would have to be at the hospital anytime soon, but now that we are here (and for a while too), we aren't sure what to do. we'd like to keep our mountain view apartment because it is close to the hospital and will be convenient for us to have family visit, get rest, pick up any necessary items, etc. so we may try to sublet our SF apartment for several months because we do still love that place and hope to live there for a few years. it has a very homey feel which is exactly what we need when it's time to come home. plus, orion can be around more people, be visually stimulated by a more city-like environment, and be exposed to my family that lives in the city - that way, his vietnamese will be better than mine :)

until then....