Monday, April 30, 2007

finally, an update PART 2

so the cardiologist did an echo (heart ultrasound) today. orion's right ventricle is functioning properly, in fact, too well, that too much blood is going out and the patch the surgeon placed is not large enough to allow all this blood to flow through. this is causing high blood pressure in the right ventricle, which is overworking the heart. the cardiologists and surgeon are going to discuss the options on monday and will decide what the best solution is. the three options are: 1) go into surgery to make the patch larger (this would be done next week); 2) do a catheterization and balloon it (this is not surgery); or 3) wait until the second surgery (early june). the problem with option number 2 is the heart muscles are still recovering and it may be best not to interrupt the fresh sutures that are there. option number 3 will come into play if his numbers are looking good. option number 1...well, that's just another open-heart surgery...

this problem has occurred over time, probably around the time we were discharged. the symptoms he was having have nothing to do with his immunizations, so mannings, be sure to get little mason vaccinated :) the only side effects orion had from his shots were low-grade fever (his temp didn't go above 99), soreness in his legs where they gave him the shots, and feeling worn out and tired. that only lasted 2-3 days.

we should get a final decision by tuesday, hopefully it won't be too traumatic.

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