Monday, April 30, 2007

finally, an update PART 3

orion is in the cath lab getting his procedure done. the patch that was placed to allow blood from the heart to the lungs closed up, so doctors are going in with a camera to take a look at it, and they may be able to fix it without open-heart surgery. we are in the waiting room, orion will be done between 6 and 8pm.

things are happening quickly, and we hope orion is doing great and will be out soon.

finally, an update PART 2

so the cardiologist did an echo (heart ultrasound) today. orion's right ventricle is functioning properly, in fact, too well, that too much blood is going out and the patch the surgeon placed is not large enough to allow all this blood to flow through. this is causing high blood pressure in the right ventricle, which is overworking the heart. the cardiologists and surgeon are going to discuss the options on monday and will decide what the best solution is. the three options are: 1) go into surgery to make the patch larger (this would be done next week); 2) do a catheterization and balloon it (this is not surgery); or 3) wait until the second surgery (early june). the problem with option number 2 is the heart muscles are still recovering and it may be best not to interrupt the fresh sutures that are there. option number 3 will come into play if his numbers are looking good. option number 1...well, that's just another open-heart surgery...

this problem has occurred over time, probably around the time we were discharged. the symptoms he was having have nothing to do with his immunizations, so mannings, be sure to get little mason vaccinated :) the only side effects orion had from his shots were low-grade fever (his temp didn't go above 99), soreness in his legs where they gave him the shots, and feeling worn out and tired. that only lasted 2-3 days.

we should get a final decision by tuesday, hopefully it won't be too traumatic.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

finally, an update!

it's been a busy month and a half, and things have been pretty crazy. we brought orion home on march 23, and he's been loving life at home. no nurses to bother him, no poking with needles, no doctors waking him up in the middle of his naps (though he likes to wake us up in the middle of our naps!). he came home with the NG tube, and we fed him via that for about two weeks. after putting on lots of weight and eating well by the bottle, bo pulled the tube out with permission from our cardiologist.

orion was doing great, up until a week ago after his immunization shots. he was showing unusual symptoms, such as sweating, breathing a bit heavier, lots of congestion and coughing, poor feeding, and major crankiness (he's normally a pretty mellow kid and doesn't cry much). he had nights of endless crying, and we just weren't sure what was going on. after a few calls to the doctors, we realized it couldn't be typical symptoms of the immunization shots. friday afternoon (april 27), we called our cardiologist again, and he recommended we take orion to the ER since the clinic was going to close soon. we rushed to the hospital, brought him in, they ran a test that showed possibly not enough blood flow to his heart muscle. they wanted to keep him overnight so they can monitor him and run another test the next day. saturday came around, and again, they wanted to keep him for another night, so now here we are on sunday. orion just had his third test done, and we are waiting for results. orion is sleeping, bo is sleeping, and i'm exhausted from having restless days and nights in this place.

other than these last several days, orion has been doing great. he smiles at us, laughs, loves to kick his cute little feet and punch the air (and sometimes accidentally his face) with his strong arms. he loves to eat, loves to sleep, loves daddy's singing, loves mommy's arms, and absolutely adores his fun mobile (thanks auntie kim and uncle nic!). he enjoys trips to ikea, trader joes, and target, and he especially likes the car rides on the way to these places because daddy drives so fast. he hates wet diapers, diaper changes, not being wrapped up tight enough in his blanket, not being held, and he definitely hates waiting for his milk to be warmed up. he gets grumpy when the pacifier falls out of his mouth, and he cries when the mobile turns off on its own. orion is a great little guy, emotional in all his glory.

in addition to taking orion to the ER, last monday i had to take bo to the ER. he was having the same chest pains he had when he last went to the ER. fortunately, he was not admitted to the hospital and will just need to follow-up with the appropriate doctors. so we've had quite a week for the aye team, but we are all staying strong and getting through these hurdles one day at a time.