Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This is the story I will tell Orion.

You should thank you aunties and uncles for all that they have done for you. They made it so we could see the best Dr.'s and get you the best care to make your heart work right...

I remember calling Uncle Kenny up one day about 2-3 months before you were born and saying, "Hey lets do something to raise some money for Orion's surgeries. Maybe like a poker game or something to raise a couple hundred dollars. Anything little bit will help."

So I don't hear from him for a while, but apparently U Ali, U Kenny, and U John (U=uncle in burmese pronounced "UUU") started talking to set up a game—at some location—that can hold enough people to raise a worthwhile amount of money. Auntie Jenn said we can use her Aunt's Art Gallery for place to hold this game. Then U kenny and U Ali decided its not worth it to go through the trouble to make such little money. Someone suggested (I think maybe U Ali)—that we throw a benefit concert with the proceeds going to your heart surgeries. U Ali said to U Kenny, "You take care of the event and I will take care of the entertainment."

So 5 weeks before the event, we had no idea what it would turn out like. We had no idea what it would look like, what we would do there. U Kenny, U John, Auntie Anh, U Don and his girl, and also Papa (what I want to be called) and Mommy all met at BJs in Brea, to shoot some ideas. We thought of making T-Shirts, selling bracelets, showing art there, just a whole bunch of ideas.

Originally the date was for Feb 10, but the next meeting where U Kenny and Papa and Mommy and Auntie Kim and U Dominic met at Coffee Bean, it got changed because we needed to be near your hospital by then. We were afraid you would arrive early and we wouldn't be near the hospital.

So anyways, for the next 4 weeks your Aunties and Uncles met once a week planning and discussing what the show was going to be like. In between the meetings they would sell tickets and send out invitations and collect donations. You Mommy and I were too busy taking care of moving and hospital stuff to spend much time on your fundraiser. Auntie Anh even had to plan your baby shower for us. The last week was when everything came together. And it came together soo smoothly allot due to U Kenny's meticulous planning, his right hand man U John's Leg work. Monday, U John and Baba(relative older than your dad) Zarni picked up the stage they rented. We asked for a two foot stage thinking it would be hard for performers to get up and down the stage but U John opted for a 3 foot stage. We gave his sooo much trouble about the 3 ft stage, but in the end it made a big difference, because the performance room was packed, and the extra foot allowed people in the back to see what was happening on stage. Friday Baba Anson brought this gigantic huge banner for the backdrop of the stage. It was worth well over $1400, but one of his clients was nice enough to donate it. That night a bunch of of went there to clean up, move stuff around, and put up the stage and banner. The next morning mommy wasn't feeling too good, so daddy stayed home with her. Meanwhile all your Aunties and Uncles went to work, some as early as 6-am. Setting up tables, decorations, sound equipment, and refreshment tables.

When mommy and I arrived that night, the place was unrecognizable. There were candles and lights everywhere. People were all dressed up. It was amazing. Over 350 people showed up to support you and your heart surgery, and each and everyone of them had a good time. We met soo many nice people there that were very concerned about you. They wanted to help because they know you were bound for great things and that you were truly a blessing to us. You should be very thankful of your Aunties and Uncles who have done so much for you, even before you were born.


Anonymous said...

OH I wish I could have been there! You know I love you and will help any way I can! I'm also happy to babysit! I can't wait to see the WHOLE family, ex utero. And to see some footage of heartistry!

John said...

hahaa...that 3 foot stage is going to be talked about for years to come.