Sunday, February 25, 2007

orion is here!

orion is 4 days old today. this is going to be a short, quick blog to give everyone the update. we will get into labor details and other things later.

he will be going into surgery tomorrow, monday feb 26 around noon. everyone please pray for him. after the catheterization done on friday, they found new things with his heart they did not see during the fetal echos that were performed while in utero. they still saw the problem with his right ventricle (pulmonary atresia), but now they see a couple of things with his left ventricle. the doctors have changed their surgery plan and will now try to get all four chambers of the heart working so he won't be dependent on just his left ventricle. this is just a quick explanation, bo will write more in detail.

we thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers. this is really a tough time for us. bo is the strong one of the two of us. actually, orion is the strongest of the three of us - he keeps us in check :) and i probably worry too much and can't help but feel this is a sad time for me because our little one has to endure so much in such a short period of time. i know he is at the best hospital under the best care, but i can't help but wish i could be there every time he cries.

----Update---- 2/26/07

You can read the story of orion's birth on our gallery picture descriptions: it almost takes you hour by hour though her short 11 hour labor (5 in the hospital). Make sure you click on the big pictures, that's where the story is.

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