Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!

bo is actually getting sick (i am finally getting over my cold), so he is sleeping right now. we did manage to have some good Valentine's food throughout the day, you can read more about it on my new blog Tawny's Kitchen. check regularly for recipes and anything food-related. i love to cook, what i love more is to find new recipes, experiment, and have bo taste-test them. baking is what i like best, but i still love all the other elements of cooking. i welcome all of your input and ideas if you'd like to share.

on to baby stuff, tomorrow (thursday) marks three weeks left. we have three appointments scheduled: regular doctor visit, NST, and an ultrasound (yay!). orion should be weighing about six pounds now, so we'll see how he's measuring tomorrow. he also feels like he's breech. not necessarily right-side up, but he seems diagonal. his legs are to the right side of me, and his head is to the left side of me. he's been this way for quite a long time, and if he stays this way, the doctor will try to move him into the right position or a c-section will be necessary. we're really hoping he'll move into the right position soon!

the apartment: everything's unpacked and almost ready. his crib has turned into a coat rack, so i'm trying really hard to change this habit. we finally installed the car seat bases in our cars so they are not sitting in our living room anymore. we went to the sunnyvale police station to get them properly installed. bo's office area is still incomplete, he has more things he'd like to do to get it set up. our ginormous printer is sitting on the floor, we haven't figured out a place for that yet. i still have more baby clothes to wash and get organized in the dresser before orion comes home. we still want to decorate the walls more, but we've been so busy trying to figure out financial stuff. that nasty stench is still around, we think it's from the rain gutters that are right beside our front door. the crap smell is strongest right after rain. our cabinet under the kitchen sink smells the same, it must be rotten food from the last tenant since there is no garbage disposal. our bathroom ceiling is leaking again. the landlord patched it up before we moved in, but we guess they patched up the wrong area. i'd like to have the leak and smell gone by the time orion gets here.

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