Friday, January 12, 2007

stanford, here we come!

the last few weeks have been pretty crazy. we've already visited stanford twice, and we're close to making our home there. our first visit was very successful. three full days of meeting doctors, surgeons, and getting tours of the hospital. all the doctors are great, and we are very confident little orion will be taken care of. since our doctor visits are now every two weeks, soon-to-be every week, we are planning to move up north by the end of january so we don't have to drive up so much anymore. and we just got our apartment! we'll be living in a studio in mountain view, about 15 minutes away from the hospital. we're hoping to start moving some things in next week since we need to be up there for our appointment anyway.

we're all really excited to start fresh in our new home, and we also have to thank chris and sara for being such troopers and viewing these apartments for us. we couldn't have gotten this place without them :) we look forward to starting our new beginnings out there, and we're happy to have the support from our family and friends that live there.

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