Wednesday, January 31, 2007

almost settled in

we are moved into our new place in mountain view, about 10 minutes from the hospital. Bo is actually driving back up here from la as we speak because he had a doctor’s appointment at ucla today. Poor guy is driving us back and forth all for our health.

My last appointment went from a one-day thing to a 3-day ordeal. They wanted to monitor orion’s heart for at least 12 hours, so we stayed in labor and delivery from 5pm until 8am. Hospital beds are very uncomfortable and bo slept in a “bed” made up of two chairs. By morning, orion was as happy as can be.

this saturday is heartistry, and we can’t wait! It’s amazing to see all of our family and friends gathering for this special event with so much support. I have an appointment tomorrow, so we’ll be driving back down to la after that (again, poor bo).

We forgot our camera, so I’ll have to upload pictures from our drive up later. I wanted to take photos of my birthday dinner, but no camera, so I’ll just briefly describe. Bo knows how much I love food, so he made me a very special dinner: a hot pot that consisted of chicken broth, dumplings, spinach, asian meatballs, and carrots. The main entrée was rice and chicken marinated with soy sauce, rosemary, sage, thyme, basil, and parsley. For drinks we had ginger ale (still feeling nauseous), and I baked white cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Since this was the first time using the oven, it was a bit of a disaster. It took two hours to cook the chicken, and I messed up a batch of cupcakes. Dessert was more like crumbs of cupcake.

The apartment is really cute. We are working on making it personal and cozy, so we will paint the walls next week. Bo hung up two paper lamps, and we bought an air purifier to get rid of the sewage smell we still have not found the source for. We went to ikea plenty of times in the past several days and scored big in the as-is section. We got a foam mattress (same as ours at home – I hate spring mattresses) and a $300 bed frame for $75. What a steal! people get crazy and greedy there. one of the employees found slats for us that was sitting on a shopping cart "unattended." she said we deserved it, so she took it from the cart and gave it to us. the man who supposedly "owned" these slats fought us for them and stole it off our cart while we were in line to buy them. people should know if they are in the as-is section, they should never leave their cart unattended because people like us will make friends with the the ikea employee and have them on our side. anyway, we had to buy brand new slats.

We also bought the crib courtesy alice, and it’s all put together and looking so sweet. We got two big floor rugs to keep the carpet from getting too dirty, and bo is bringing up tonight some of our pieces of furniture – tall dresser, nightstand, and dining table. We’ve unpacked most of our things, the only stuff left is kitchen stuff (we went from a full kitchen in my old studio to a more compact kitchen at this studio) so I’m not sure where things will go. We also have a box of computer stuff that I don’t know what to do with yet. I have three wacom tablets, what am I going to do with them all??

I was really excited to move here into our own place, but some days I miss everyone. Talkative mom, screaming brothers, barking dogs. I think we’re going to get an isight so family can keep in touch and watch orion grow up.

So the plan is, immediate family will visit when orion is born. I am going to try to cook freezable meals so I don’t have to worry about food when he’s here. I know my mom will definitely stock the freezer as alice will too. My aunt who lives in SF has also offered to provide food for us. Man, I really wish we had a full-size fridge, but that’s okay. Food is food ☺

I promise to update this blog more often. Especially with pictures too, blogs are not as fun without pictures.

5 more weeks!

Friday, January 12, 2007

stanford, here we come!

the last few weeks have been pretty crazy. we've already visited stanford twice, and we're close to making our home there. our first visit was very successful. three full days of meeting doctors, surgeons, and getting tours of the hospital. all the doctors are great, and we are very confident little orion will be taken care of. since our doctor visits are now every two weeks, soon-to-be every week, we are planning to move up north by the end of january so we don't have to drive up so much anymore. and we just got our apartment! we'll be living in a studio in mountain view, about 15 minutes away from the hospital. we're hoping to start moving some things in next week since we need to be up there for our appointment anyway.

we're all really excited to start fresh in our new home, and we also have to thank chris and sara for being such troopers and viewing these apartments for us. we couldn't have gotten this place without them :) we look forward to starting our new beginnings out there, and we're happy to have the support from our family and friends that live there.