Sunday, December 03, 2006

Thank You mommy from daddy and baby.

Pregnancy is very special time in our lives. Tawny is truly more beautiful then ever. The smile she smiles when she looks at her belly, rubs it, and says, "he's moving around, he's going crazy," is one of the sweetest things any husband will experience.

She is the most important part of our team right now, as she is the one carrying Orion, the last thing protecting him, providing him with everything he needs to be alive. She is providing him with food, water, nutrients, air, love (along with mine), support, activities (he is quite active), a place to lie down, sit up, or swim around, a sweet soundtrack of her voice, warmth, a toilet, and a gym (he punches all the time, I picture him training like Rocky in Rocky IV, but instead of the ice cold Siberian vast it's a crammed wet womb). It makes me truly appreciate my mom for doing the same for me for nine months. I even get a little jealous sometimes, because Tawny is getting to know him right now in a way I won't be able to understand, but that’s ok because... because she’s mom. My big part in this beautiful play will come later, and I won't let my family down, I hope to be a star in Orion's life, like his mommy is now.

But I have to admit, although pregnancy is special, we men truly have it easy, being pregnant sucks. It seems, at first, carrying a baby is... not so bad. It's like carrying a little weight on you body, gradually increasing in small increments over 40 weeks. What? 25 lbs over 40 weeks that's like 5/8lb increments a week. In a workout routine that's nothing. But the logic is flawed. Tawny gained all her extra weigh in the last couple of weeks. She went from a little belly to... "wow you're huge," in a matter of 2-3 weeks... and she still has a lot to grow. It’s like doing Isometric weights but for nine months. The weight is also not evenly distributed, it’s concentrated on her belly..., which mean lower back pains. Even the maternaty support I got her seems to only help a little bit. Couple it up with balance problems, not seeing your feet, not being able to bend over, not being able to reach in high cabinets, the extra belly kind of sucks.

The hardships of pregnancy don’t stop at the belly. The baby's sac pushes up against all her organs: her stomach, intestines.. etc., which means eating for two will often cause queasiness, but like a trooper, no like a storm trooper, no like a Jedi knight, she eats... cause its what’s best for the baby. She endures through countless hours of gas pains, you know those sharp pains that you get after eating leftover Chinese food. Times that by two and put in large intestines that are squashed up on your side 9cause that’s where you large intestines are if you are pregnant). Then come the fact that you're not supposed to sleep on your belly (for obvious reasons) and your back (slows blood flow to baby), which leaves you with you sides (which are not hurting cause of gas pains). gas pains + lower back pains + husband that doesn't sleep well= no sleep. And still she gets up with a smile in the morning. if it were I, it would be a different story.

"But I have to admit, although pregnancy is special, we men truly have it easy... being pregnant sucks."

No...not beer... Trader Joe's ginger drink for her upset stomach!

I'm not even going to go into the end of the pregnancy where she will do the equivalent of us males passing a kidney stone the size of an orange (the organic ones, not the hormone injected gigantic ones, but still you get the point).

As of tomorrow we will be in our 26th week, and with only 14 weeks left, I am thankful for a beautiful wife, that has already in the first 6 months of our son's life, provided for him, endured hardships and pains for him, and has done it with very little complaint, and a beautiful smile... and ass. Thank You Baby.

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